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What Are The Best Eye Masks You Need To Know

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There are quite a few different types of Eye Masks. There are those that make your eyes look better and in many cases, less tired. Also, there are some that are great for specific problems, and there are even some that will have to be used under certain circumstances. This article is about What Are the Best Eye Masks You Need to Know.

Best Eye Masks

The first type of Eye Mask is the Butterfly Mask. This is made of cloth that is either an acid or a base. Both of these are used in the Butterfly Masks and they will remove excess eye make up in a matter of minutes. This makes it great for all skin types and it will dry up the most and remove the dryness.

Another type of Eye Mask is the Liquid Eyeliner. These are very simple to use and can be mixed with water for a thin coating that is very close to liquid. They are applied with a Q-tip and when you remove the solution. Your eyelid will be very thin and the eyelashes will look full.

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What Are the Best Eye Masks?

Another thing that these types of Eyeliners can do is give you a thinner, or smaller eye. This makes it easier to change your eye color for the day or just because your eyes are tired.

Eyeliner on the eyelids is also one of the best Eye Masks and can make your eyes look bigger and more confident. These can even make it easier to look up into the sun or over the sun.

Drip Masks

What Are The Best Eye Masks You Need To Know
What Are the Best Eye Masks?

A great alternative to Eyeliner is Drip Masks. They can keep your makeup from drying out and the same as the Butterfly Masks but without the actual solution.

The last type of Eye Mask is called the Multi-Concealer and it is basically an eye brush. When you apply the Multi-Concealer this is done by the eye brush and then your eye is covered with concealer or foundation.

With makeup application, you always have to be careful because the makeup may bleed, not cover, or even be absorbed. If you have an issue with an eyeshadow you can either use a makeup sponge to apply it. Or you can apply your makeup on a mirror then put the eyeshadow in a small bag and the same with a foundation.

Butterfly Eye Contour

What Are The Best Eye Masks You Need To Know
What Are the Best Eye Masks?

The last type of Eye Mask that I will talk about is called the Butterfly Eye Contour. This is one of the most commonly used Eye Masks because it gives you a more natural look and feels less like a mask.

These Eye Masks should be applied after the application of your eye makeup. The reason you don’t want the makeup to bleed. The application of the Butterfly Mask is done with a fine-tipped tooth comb. And the application of the eyeshadow is done with a lipstick brush.

The only type of Eye Mask that is a little bit difficult to apply is the brush on the liner and the eye wrinkle mask. If you do not want to apply a foundation or concealer, you can just wipe it off with a towel.

The best Eye Masks are the ones that you use sparingly and not so often. You just need them to keep your eyes in good condition for the day. Or if you’re getting ready for a special occasion.

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