The Upset Eyes - Eye Masks For Both Eyes - The Upset Eyes - Eye Masks For Both Eyes -

The Upset Eyes – Eye Masks For Both Eyes

The Upset Eyes - Eye Masks For Both Eyes

Most of us are familiar with the Upset Eyes or the Rousing Eyes but the Mask of Pupils, The Mask of Dazzling Light, and the other Eyedrops are much less known. They are very similar to the Upset Eyes in that they usually appear when we are in a state of great excitement or stress. A sudden anxiety attack may cause this reaction.

The Upset Eyes - Eye Masks For Both Eyes
The Upset Eyes – Eye Masks For Both Eyes

The Upset Eyes

Sometimes, this reaction is due to being over-excited or overworked by extreme anxiety. Other times, it could be due to trauma. In any case, these reactions often make our eyes puff out and flash in different colors or even do a funny dance.

What is the purpose of the Upset Eyes? It is usually used to show others that you are frightened or anxious. Most people don’t want to be embarrassed by their faces.

Some people also use them in front of a mirror to show others that they have done something wrong because of the way they look at a certain part of their face. They might look ugly, crazy, or even worse. So, people who have such symptoms will use the Upset Eyes to make others aware of their abnormality.

The Upset Eyes could be applied to one eye, but can also be applied to both eyes. For example, the other could be focused on one area of the face, but the first can be focused on another. Both of the eyes could be used.

Use Mask To Cover Your Eyes

Because both eyes are at the same time are used for different functions, it is easy to choose a proper one for each. The Upset Eyes Eye Masks for both eyes can have the same look for the wearer. One can be bright red, while the other is a pink or a pearly white. One can also have a funny expression made upon it and the other will be completely normal.

The mask for the Upset Eyes can be used either on only one eye or both. It is usually worn on the same day and is normally worn with a special set of contacts. The wearer will have to use this mask very often and the makeup will last for about ten hours. The masks can be changed from time to time and are disposable.

Another interesting thing about the Upset Eyes is that the lenses are very thin and seem to be floating in mid-air. Also, it appears that the eyes themselves are smaller than the eye masks.

The sharpness of the image on the mask depends on the depth perception of the person. This feature makes it the least effective mask available.

The Upset Eyes - Eye Masks For Both Eyes
The Upset Eyes – Eye Masks For Both Eyes

Noticeable Pink Or Red Colored Eyes

Pink-colored eyes are considered to be the prettiest and most commonly used, but if the eyes are red and the skin around the eyes is pale, then the red eyes are usually considered to be more attractive. Actually, the red eyes are only noticeable to those who are very close to the wearer. When worn correctly, the red can blend in with the light and the eye color appears natural.

Since these masks are so cheap, it is not a good idea to buy more than one for each pair of glasses. However, because of the many designs available, there are even some which can be used on both lenses.

After their original use, these masks are still being used as novelty items, where they have the same use as the original one. Some of them are sold at novelty shops, drug stores, and costume shops. However, not all of them are made of plastic, but many of them are made of rubber or is available in an enamel frame.

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