Natural Sunscreen And Its Use

Natural Sunscreen And Its Use

There are various ways of creating homemade sunscreen. Other methods are also there to avoid sunburns.

Necessity Of Homemade Sunscreen

We used to buy a variety of sunscreen, of different prices, different brands. We used to use them very often. When we get exposed to sunburns after using various sunscreens. This made us realize that we need to switch from artificial products to homemade sunscreen. The one with Bad quality exposes us to skin cancer, certain toxins.

Natural Sunscreen And Its Use
Natural Sunscreen And Its Use

Effect Of Paraben

Hormone signaling can be altered by synthetic estrogenic compound; parabens. During critical windows of development, proper endocrine signaling is essential; especially to pregnant mother, and child of toddler and adolescence age group. The immune system, reproductive system, can be affected to a fatal extent if exposed to certain chemicals. Homemade sunscreen doesn’t have paraben in it.

Role Of Vitamin A In Body

Incidence of skin cancer, tumor and lesions are increased with the use of retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A. 

Anti oxygenase property that slows the aging of the skin is the leading property of retinyl palmitate, that’s why it is used in every sort of skincare product. The product which usually has a higher sensitivity to sunlight will also have the property of enhancing photo carcinogenic activity of sunlight. Homemade sunscreen is very less sensitive to light.


Homemade sunscreens are best as they don’t have any preservatives for fragrance.


Homemade sunscreens are cheapest. You will use the main ingredient of your own choice and of the brand you need. Cost of homemade sunscreen increases when we use both zinc oxide and carrot seed oil. But these ingredients make it more durable.

Ingredients to use

One usually thinks twice before using any product on the skin, especially on the face. Some people are so sensitive that their skin easily gets an allergic response. Use of pure ingredient for making a product is of utmost importance. Homemade sunscreen can provide more comfort with the use of simple products. The ingredients that can be used are coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter to make lotion. The drawback of sunscreen homemade sunscreen is that it is way too thick, sticky, smell awful, etc.

Lotion Ingredients

Lotion mustn’t have paraben, vitamin A, and fragrance. Natural oils and herbs can add fragrance. Zinc oxide is the hidden secret of homemade lotions.

Spf Of Homemade Sunscreen

You can increase the amount of SPF in your lotion by increasing the amount of Zinc oxide in it. 5% zinc oxide is there in SPF 2-5, 10% in SPF 6-11, 15% is for SPF 12-19, and 20% is used for SPF 20. Natural SPF of 35-50 is present naturally in carrot seed.

Homemade Sunscreen Ingredients

Natural Sunscreen And Its Use
Natural Sunscreen And Its Use

Non-toxic lotion around 4oz, zinc oxide 8 oz, carrot seed oil around 12 drops, raspberry seed oil around 12 drops, sweet almond oil 2tbsp, cocoa powder around 1-2 tsp. Mix all ingredients well, store in a glass jar. This is non-sticky and non-greasy.

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