Connection Of Medical Ingredients And Essential Oil

Connection Of Medical Ingredient And Essential Oil

One of the first things you notice when reading a label on an essential oil or medicine is the list of medical ingredients. But most people don’t understand what these ingredients mean. What are they, and how do they relate to the natural healing powers of a plant?

Use Of Toxic Petrochemical Plant-Based Chemicals

Connection Of Medical Ingredients And  Essential Oil
Connection Of Medical Ingredients And Essential Oil

Each year, billions of pounds of toxic petrochemical plant-based chemicals are used in the production of pharmaceuticals, food additives, industrial lubricants, paint, and cement. Also, there are over 5 billion pounds of these chemicals that remain unfiltered into our environment and in our bodies. And this toxic buildup is still increasing as we release more contaminants into our water and air.

Use Of Oils And Herbs For Medicinal Purposes: Medical Ingredients

On the other hand, each year, many essential oils, herbs, and other botanicals have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Most of these botanicals have been shown to have a beneficial effect on various diseases, symptoms, and conditions. Some examples of these include:

Natural Healers Are Beneficial For Our Bodies: Medical Ingredients

As you can see, the vast majority of natural healers today are beneficial to us as people and to our bodies. If you look at the vast array of natural medicines available on the market today. You will find that nearly all of them can be considered to be beneficial to the human body. And just as with the chemical-based drugs that we use every day. We must always consider the safety and risks involved before trying any new natural remedy.

Medical Ingredient OF Essential Oils

Now, if you take a look at the list of the medical ingredient for essential oil, you may wonder what they are. Why would anyone need to include such an item on a label? There are many reasons why companies put so many toxic chemicals on their labels. It is hard to believe that anyone would include such items on their labels.

The reason many manufacturers include this type of medical ingredient is that they are trying to convince consumers that they are beneficial to their health. You must realize that there are a few reasons why these items are added to the labels of all-natural medicine products. And these reasons vary by manufacturer.

Claiming Federal Government And Other License: Medical Ingredients

The primary reason for adding this type of medical ingredient to the label is to make sure that the product will be able to claim any federal government or other licensing for safety. A legitimate brand will not be able to claim federal licensing because of the toxic chemical ingredients that they use. These items are also used to help boost their sales. But the major problem is that they do not provide any benefit to our health.

Eucalyptus Oil Is A Standard Medical Ingredient

One famous example of a standard medical ingredient on labels is Eucalyptus Oil. This oil has been used by native Americans for centuries to treat many ailments and disorders. However, because of the toxic chemical components that are present in this oil, some marketers of these products have tried to make it seem like it is beneficial to health.

Because of the popularity of Eucalyptus Oil, more companies will try to capitalize on the belief that it is good for our health. So it is not surprising that a great many of these products contain toxic chemicals such as mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol, and others. Many companies put these poisonous substances on their labels and pretend that they are the beneficial components that they are.

Connection Of Medical Ingredients And  Essential Oil
Connection Of Medical Ingredients And Essential Oil

Manufacturing Of Other Types Of Herbal Products

Also, this type of medical ingredient is commonly used in the manufacturing of other types of herbal products. They include; essential oil, plants, and plant extracts. Unfortunately, the fact that these types of products are made from toxic chemical compounds makes it difficult to find pure products that do not contain these toxic items.

List Of Petrochemical Plants

Some of the petrochemical plants that produce this type of oil are Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Oil, and marjoram oil. Many of these same oils can be found as ingredients in natural and synthetic skin care products. Mouthwashes, shampoos, and even toothpaste. But because these products are typically made from these petrochemical plants. There is virtually no way for you to know which type of oil you are buying.

Final Words

We can only conclude that using these products can be very dangerous to our health. Thus, can even be downright detrimental to our natural healing abilities. So remember to check the labels on the products you buy, and be sure to check to see if the essential oil or plant extract is genuinely beneficial to your health.

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