Amazing Facts About Green Honey

Amazing Facts About Green Honey.

The region around northeastern France has found with some bees making green honey. Somewhere it isn’t wholly green; instead, it possesses the shades of green and blue.

It is now a very critical task in front of scientists and beekeepers to find the reason for this occurrence. Though the scientists have an estimated answer in their minds, the actual cause has yet not confronted them.

According to them, the nearby plant of candy must have affected their taste preferences. Their estimations state that there are possibilities bees are not choosing the pollens from the flowers.

Amazing Facts About Green Honey.
Amazing Facts About Green Honey.

Beekeepers are busy in solving this mysterious honey since august. They are wandering around Ribeauville town since then to discover the causes.

They detected that the hives of bees possess some unknown colourful substances. They are suspecting that this substance could be the reason behind the shades of honey.

The Mystery Behind Unusual Green Honey

Andre Frieh, a French apiarist, investigated about the colour of the honey by comparing it with the natural one. He holds samples of both kinds of honey at his home.

The investigation directed them to a nearby situated biogas plant. It is 2.5 miles away from the source of shady honey.

The plant had been producing M&M’s by processing the wastes from Mars plant, resulting in coloured honey. The nearby beekeepers are agitated with this conclusion as the selling of the resulting honey is adversely affected due to its colour.

This affected many local beekeepers living in the region. Many beekeepers who were already suffering from the high bee mortality rate are now suffering from low honey supplies.

Arrival or, the biogas plant, was notified with the same problem by many beekeepers. The company tried to detect the root of the problem and attempted to come up with a solution that doesn’t affect the nearby areas.

What is the solution?

In an attempt to solve the problem, the company has declared that it would now clean all of its containers. Moreover, the waste won’t be dumped from now onwards. Instead, it would be stored in a covered hall. They expect a reduction in the problem of shade in the following time with this solution, and so does the unemployed, and agitated beekeepers.

Near Strasbourg, a company, Mars, operates a chocolate factory. It is merely 62 miles away.

Amazing Facts About Green Honey.
Amazing Facts About Green Honey.

France has been one of the world’s largest honey-producing country. The honey that it produces possesses the best quality. Both the quantity and quality are found to be best in the honey, and thus the worst that can ever happen to the beekeepers of France is the colouring of the honey.

It was the most unexpected occurrence in the history of uncertainty, but now that it has shown its face, its solution would be as rare as the problem itself. In Alsace, there are approximately 2,400 beekeepers. They tend to possess 35,000 colonies of the bee. And the estimation says that they produce the honey of 1,000 tons in a year. From this data, the amount of loss of the beekeepers can be calculated.

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